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A software-based entertainment company.

Screenz operates two divisions: the first – Screenz Platform – utilizes big-data analysis in real time to map the Entertainment DNA of each user to provide them with a personalized experience while giving valuable insights to its clients. The platform has been implemented by networks such as ABC, Univision, and Globo Brazil. The second division: Screenz Originals division creates and produces TV and web formats that merge storytelling with technology in new exciting ways. Visit site

investment fund focused on the media and B2C sectors

TLV Media Lab is an investment fund focusing on early stage/seed investment in the media and B2C sectors. The fund was co-founded with Oded Vardi, one of Israel’s leading angel investors, and Univision, a major American media company serving Hispanic and Latino Americans. Since its inception in 2016, the fund has invested in six companies. It does not accept submissions and is quite happy staying under the radar.

Expanding the boundaries of the startup nation

I& (Israel and) is a venture that brings together Israeli innovation and major global corporations. Building on The Box Group’s vast international network, we set out to answer two needs:
1. Those of global companies wishing to tap into the persistent flow of open ingenuity coming from Israel; and
2. Those of Israeli startups, which often have no business feasibility unless they operate globally.

Bringing a long overdue disruption to the financial worlds,

Bringing a long overdue disruption to the financial worlds, Meuzan is a tech-enabled agency providing financial services to startups and SMB. It is an A-Z solution born out of five decades’ worth of media-sector experience and intimate knowledge of the start-up needs, ever since startups, well, started. In The company manages 30 clients, among them startups like Eventour. It also provides all of The Box Group’s accounting and financial needs. Visit site and app

An innovative advertising agency

With hundreds of successful digital projects to its name, The Box Advertising has been providing brands with unique voices and experiences for the past 13 years. The agency provides services ranging from complete strategy to complex productions. It ushered global brands into the digital sphere via innovative experiences, many of which were ‘first off’s. The agency created projects that ran the gamut from branded video content to AR experiences for clients, such as Nike, Bose, Partner, Castro Jeans, Leumi bank and many more. Visit site

A smart ticketing platform

Eventer is a smart ticketing platform which enables producers and venues to create events, manage ticket, operations and boost ticket sales, all in one efficient and cost-effective place. Eventer offers a wide set of unique features, borne out of a profound understanding of our customers’ needs and executed through our proven proprietary technology.

INCOUNTER - instant micro-communities on any web page

incounter is an innovative product that creates instant micro-communities on any web page, engaging audiences and providing publishers with a loyal user base and a wealth of actionable data. inCounter can be embedded in any URL with a simple embed code, and an instant micro-community is created! Allowing all online users to engage in real time: swiping, texting, video chats and more…

Coming soon

An invite-only global community of expectational leaders. Indieviduals offers its members an intimate and exclusive conference program covering issues in the worlds of tech, media and well-being.

complimentary consultations, such as post-investment forecasts and yearly budget analyses. The company manages 30 clients, among them startups like Eventour. It also provides all of The Box Group’s accounting and financial needs.
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